Team Zoom with their new pit display at the National Final
Chris presses the launch button to pierce the CO2 canister
The team are interviewed about their car
Design & Engineering judging
Receiving the Judge’s Recommendation Award
The team enjoy an excellent view of track racing whilst at Silverstone
All of the teams pose for a photo at Silverstone with the safety car, before their tour around the track
Balsa car body made using CNC
Noah spraying the car body
Wing design is sent off to be 3D-Printed
Compiling the car
Test Car 1 assembled and ready to test.
Manufacturing our test track
Manufacturing our test track
Setting up our test track at Chipping Campden School


Preparing the track
Attaching the LED timing system and wiring to the arduino
Test Car 2 on test track
Test Car 2 on test track
Test Car 2 ready to race
Ready, Set … GO!!!
Our track times – 1.402 seconds and 1.525 seconds.
2nd test using timing gates to measure speed and accelaration
Zoom logo promotional products
Our car body made from the F1 in Schools model block
Noah sanding down the car body
Noah spraying the car body with primer
Cutting back the primer
Drilling the axle holes
Finished car body in primer and black
Weighing each component of the car
Assembling the car
The finished car (angle A)
The finished car (angle B)
Regional Finals display and uniforms showing sponsors
Team Zoom with their, uniform ready for the competition
Our Regional Finals pit display at the competition
Our Regional Finals pit display with the team at the competition
Enterprise judging at the Regional Finals
Preparing to race
Waiting for the race
Ready, Set … GO!!!
2nd place overall, Best Sponsorship & Marketing and the Fastest Car. See you at the National Final in Silverstone!