Our Final Car

Team Zoom’s Final Car:

Fastest Race Time (On a 20 metre track): 1.109 Seconds

Top Speed: 45 Miles Per Hour

Weight: 55g

Total Length: 210mm

Colour: Black

All about our car:

Designed on: Autodesk Professional (CAD, Computer Aided Design) 2016-17.

Car body: CNC-Machined (Computer Numerically Controlled) from the ‘F1 Model Block’ (a dense foam) and sprayed with a gloss black paint. As streamlined as possible so it cuts through the air without creating drag.

Front Wing: 3D-Printed and painted using gloss black paint. It is designed to direct the air over the wheels.

Rear Wing: 3D-Printed and painted gloss black. It is designed as minimal as possible as no downforce is needed because the car is kept on the track by fishing line wire which runs through small eyelets under the car.

Wheels: Machined on a lathe and made from Acetal plastic. Less rotational inertia means less energy needed to accelerate meaning a higher speed so we made hollow wheels to ensure this theory.

Bearings: Miniature ball bearings and silver steel axles. The smaller the ball bearing the smaller the rotational friction meaning a quicker run time for our car.